Single Stroke-Multi Dip Technique
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Creating these “Flower Arrangements” on door mats, keepsake boxes, flower pots, stools
etc., are a labor of love for me! I use techniques such as blending, and double brush-loading
while I “build” a unique arrangement on each piece - no two are the same. These flowers are
true to life - Cabbage Roses, Clematis, Tulips, Sunflowers and many more. Additionally, I seal
each piece with three coats of polyurethane to insure wear-ability inside and out of doors. I
also add a whimsical creature, such as a ladybug, dragonfly, butterfly or Hummingbird just for
fun! My grandchildren love to search until they find them all!

I hope you enjoy these items as much as I have enjoyed creating them! Remember, I also do
customized painting at your request.  Please browse this Web Site. I am sure you will enjoy
your “window shopping” and will surely find something to suit your fancy or someone else’s.
These are great gift ideas - they are unique and functional! Enjoy!!
About the artist
I’m Linda, and I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you a little about myself and how I became so interested in painting these wonderful “Flower Arrangements” for your enjoyment!
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I have always loved creating something out of nothing - or next to nothing, anyway! Sewing for the family or home, woodworking, painting slate, seasonal decorations, small toys, stenciling ---- painting almost anything has been a pleasure for me. But, I always came back to painting --- the detail, the colors, blending shades, composition, and the flowers were always my absolute favorite.
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